Minimum Insurance Requirements for Illinois Drivers

The state of Illinois has its own set of rules that it requires any one driving in the state to follow. They even go as far as to using your signed car registration application as your agreeing to adhere to all of the states laws regarding the required car insurance. Therefore, for as long as you continue to register you car in the state of Illinois you are saying that you will adhere to the states laws concerning protection.

This is the very first law Illinois has in regards to auto policies. Every automobile must be insured to be considered operating legally in the state. You must have, at the very least, the minimum that is required of you. If not you could suffer very expensive penalties.

The bare minimum protection you are required to have are $20,000 to cover one person in an accident if there is bodily harm or death, $40,000 to cover more than one person in an accident if there is bodily harm or death and $15,000 to cover property damage.

In order to register your vehicle, you must have adequate insurance and prove it. The proof must show that all the required coverage amounts have been applied to the car.

Ways to Stay Legal

The state of Illinois makes sure the required vehicle insurance is kept up to date by sending out random questionnaires and also giving out traffic violations for those drivers not in compliance with the regulations. If you were to get a random questionnaire in the mail, you would be asked to provide the state with the name of your provider and the policy number that goes along with your policy. If you don't respond to the letter within the given amount of time or they find that you are not insured the authorities will likely suspend your license plate. If you are pulled over by a police officer or get into an accident and do not have the required documentation you could get your license suspended and a fine that could be a minimum of $500. If you continue to drive your car while your license or the license plates are suspended you the minimum fine you could get would be $1,000. Therefore, your best option would be to wait until you are able to afford the required car insurance coverage before even driving your vehicle.

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