Insuring a Subaru

Subaru vehicles have carved out an impressive niche for themselves. In addition to being attractively priced, they offer a nice combination of power and performance. As if that's not good enough, the brand offers many family-friendly models. As a result, there's no need for people with families to settle for slow, boring minivans and other traditional modes of transportation. Popular Subarus have room to spare, and they include great features like all-wheel drive and turbocharged engines. While the cars aren't cheap to insure, they aren't the most expensive vehicles to insure either. On a list of 36 makes, Subaru falls squarely in the middle at number 18. The average yearly cost to insure a Subaru is $1,514.23. With their phenomenal safety ratings, the automaker's cars and SUVs are wildly popular with families and singles alike. You may have to pay a little more to insure one, but you will probably be happy to do so.

Model Statistics

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How Subaru Came to be a Force in the Auto Industry

The manufacturer started out as a division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., which was founded in Japan during the 1950s. The division's name comes from a Japanese word that means "unite." The division didn't waste any time. It was designed to produce automobiles, and it manufactured its first one in 1954. The first pickup truck was manufactured during the 1960s, and the cars made their debut in the United States at the end of the 1960s. One of the make's many exciting innovations was an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission, or CVT.

Customer Statistics

Top 5 Insurance Companies

Coverage Type

  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Geico
  • Allstate
  • AAA

Male Vs. Female (percent)

Average Age (years)

53 Male
47 Female

Credit Score


Important Factors

  • Price
  • Coverage options
  • Customer service
  • You don't care, you just need car insurance

Theft isn't a Problem for Subarus

Insurers are wary about covering vehicles that are popularly stolen. They will still do so, but they will increase premiums to make up for the added risk that is involved in doing so. The good news is that the automaker's cars aren't popular targets for thieves. The National Insurance Crime Bureau keeps track of the most frequently stolen vehicles in the U.S., and there isn't a single one of their vehicles on the list. Despite that, though, the cars aren't extremely cheap to insure. Other factors clearly come into play, and additional information about them is included below.

Top-Notch Safety Ratings Help

One thing that keeps costs on an even keel for the vehicles is their amazing track record for safety. These cars generally receive extremely high marks in the safety department. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded across-the-board top scores of "Good" to the Forester. It gave the same marks to the Impreza and the Tribeca. You'd be hard-pressed to find a a Subby car that didn't have superior safety ratings. Insurers are more comfortable with covering cars that are safe to drive, so this fact is definitely in the automaker's favor.

Decent MSRPs Prevent Sky-High Premiums

If you're looking for a car with a rock-bottom price, you're not going to find it with Subaru. These cars aren't wildly expensive, but they aren't the cheapest around either. The starting MSRP of the Impreza is just around $17,500, which isn't too shabby. The starting price for the Forester falls right around $20,000. If you want to buy the Tribeca, however, you should be prepared to spend at least $30,000.

The average annual cost to insure popular Subaru cars is as follows:

  • Forester 4-Cylinder SUV - $1,261.00
  • Impreza 4-Cylinder Sedan - $1,373.00
  • Tribeca 6-Cylinder SUV - $1,266.00
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