The Importance of Being Insured on the Roads in Washington D.C.

The required car insurance you will need will depend on the jurisdiction you will be driving in. If you were driving in one area and are planning on moving and driving in another, the protection that you needed in your previous state may not be the same as what is required by the new state you are moving to. You may be required to get a higher liability amount or an added type of coverage and you may be required to have a certain type of documentation than what you needed before. This is why it is important to know not only the driving laws of the locality you will be driving in but also the minimum requirements.

Meeting the Standards

In Washington D.C., any vehicle that is registered must be insured. Therefore, the state will require that you have proof of your car insurance before they even allow you to register your vehicle. Once you have registered your vehicle, you must maintain the coverage, because when it is time to renew your cars registration you will have to show proof of continued protection. Whenever you or your provider cancels your policy you must turn over your registration tags to the state and discontinue driving. If you do not do this and are caught driving, you will face very expensive fines. Even if you are just visiting D.C. for a short time but will be driving you are required to abide by the legal minimums for the duration of your stay. If you are caught without the proper insurance, you will be cited and face fines and penalties equal to those given to permanent residents.

To meet the legal standards of the District of Columbia, all drivers must have a minimum of $10,000 property damage liability coverage, $25,000 in liability coverage for a third party, $25,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and $5,000 uninsured motorist property damage liability coverage. You must also carry proof of your policy with you in your vehicle at all times. The insurance card that your agent or provider gives you is proof that you meet the requirements. If you are caught in violation of the minimum requirements you could face a fine of up to $500 and possibly jail time that could last for up to 30 days.

It is important that you meet or exceed the mandated standards so that can avoid having to pay any costly fees and also so that you are covered in the case of an accident. You should be aware that some states' standards sometimes fall short of being enough coverage. You should contact your agent and have them look over your policy to determine if you meet the standards put in place and if you are covered in a way that keeps you financially able should something happen to you or your car.

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