Insuring a Ram

If you're confused about the Ram brand, you're not alone. People often think of the line of Dodge vans and trucks when the name "Ram" comes up, but the reality is that Ram is now its own subdivision. Regardless of how it is defined, Ram is known for its tough, well-designed trucks and vans. That continues to be true to this very day. Although you will pay a higher price to make a Ram truck your own, you are sure to find that it's well worth it. When it comes to car insurance, the average yearly cost to insure a Ram truck falls between $1,370 and $1,480. The amount that you'll actually pay will depend on the specific truck that you buy. In the scheme of things, Ram vehicles are relatively affordable to insure. They fall slightly on the cheaper end of the scale. Find out how insurers determine the price of insuring a Ram below.

Ram Becomes Its Own Brand

As mentioned above, there tends to be a lot of confusion about the Ram brand. For a long time, the name Ram was used as the model name for a line of Dodge trucks. In fact, the first Dodge Ram debuted in 1981. This continued to be the case throughout most of Ram's history. It wasn't until 2009 and the Chrysler merger with Fiat that the Ram name was slapped on a new division. The move was made to distinguish Ram trucks from other vehicles. With neat features like reverse-opening rear doors, Ram trucks have proven themselves to be enduringly popular options.

So-So Safety Ratings Affect Insurance Prices

There isn't a lot of information out there about Ram safety ratings. However, the Dodge Ram 1500 has been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The good news is that it earned mostly ratings of "Good," which is the top rating that can be given. The bad news is that it earned a terrible "Poor" rating for driver torso safety. Other Ram trucks have received sprinklings of "Marginal" ratings, which is also not very encouraging. If their safety ratings were strong, Ram vehicles would surely have lower protection costs.

High Theft Rates Make Prices Climb Too

The National Insurance Crime Bureau maintains lists of the most stolen vehicles in the United States. One of its lists covers the top ten most stolen cars in the country. Unfortunately, a Ram vehicle appears on that list. It is the 2004 Dodge Ram. This is bad because insurers consider this information when calculating premiums. Cars that are more likely to be stolen are riskier to insure, so their premiums tend to be higher. No information about late-model Ram trucks is available yet.

Pricing Affects Insurance Expenses As Well

One of the things that has a major impact on the cost to insure a vehicle is its sticker price. After all, the insurer has to consider the fact that it might have to pay to replace a vehicle entirely. More expensive cars come with higher premiums. Ram trucks are offered at many different price ranges. The Ram 1500, for example, has a starting MSRP of $22,120. The Ram 3500, on the other hand, has a price that starts at nearly $38,000.

The average price to insure Ram trucks is as follows:

  • Ram 1500 8-Cylinder Pickup - $1,372.00
  • Ram 2500 8-Cylinder Pickup - $1,377.00
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